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Startup initiatives at the MVP or Seed stage generally consist of teams of 3-5 people. Adding a new person to the team may be challenging for the limited budget at first. As the Gri Penguen Digital Agency team, we enjoy externally supporting startups and watching them grow.

We know that a Startup needs support on many issues such as Investor Presentation, Pitch Deck, Cap Table, Business Plan, Prototype Design Preparation, Social Media Management, Corporate Identity Design, Web Design, Mobile Application Development or Marketing. Additionally, there are many questions that entrepreneurs need to answer in this journey to get to know their ventures and introduce them to investors.

Some topics you might be interested in

  • Creating an Exit Plan
  • Valuation of the Enterprise
  • Market Exit Strategy
  • Problem Detection and Solution
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Determining the Target Audience
  • Market Size Calculation
  • Market Analysis
  • Pitch Deck Presentation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Business Plan
  • SWOT Analysis

Market, Market Analysis and Special Competitive Strategy Development

Considering your startup’s target audience and future plans; We analyze similar entrepreneurs. By combining the analysis results and your expectations, we create your digital identity in which social networks you should be on, in what language, with what content strategy.

We prepare interesting designs that are compatible with your content, linked to your brand identity, and will enable you to convey your messages more effectively to your followers. We help create brand awareness and brand loyalty by communicating with users who may be your potential customers.

MVP Design and Software

If you only have an idea in mind, you need to get financing from investors and prepare an MVP prototype to bring your startup to life. As the Gri Penguen team, we offer the design and software support you need, such as UI Design, UX Design, Web Design, Mobile Application Development, to help your startup reach an MVP-level prototype.

Attracting Investors’ Attention

We effectively manage your Social Media assets (Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook) to make your startup appear more valuable in the eyes of investors. Relevant startup pages need to be created and edited in startup-friendly local and foreign networks that enable investors to be informed about a new startup. Another option is to contact investors one-on-one and send them a Pitch Deck of approximately 10 pages describing your idea, team and goals.

Contact us to increase awareness of your initiative and get the best return on investment!

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