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Tallinn Estonia Social Media Management Agency

Gripenguen is a software and digital marketing agency based in Tallinn Estonia, founded in 2014. Our team consists of multi-disciplinary and passionate personalities who are adept at finding the most creative and successful ways to take brands to the next level.
Contact us to increase your awareness in the digital world and get the best return on your investments!

Developing a Specific Strategy for Your Sector and Business

Considering your business’s target audience and future plans; We analyze similar institutions and businesses.

By combining the analysis results and your expectations, we create your social media identity in which social networks you should be on, in what language, with what content strategy.

Calendar and Planning

We plan content on a monthly basis in line with the social media identity determined for your business.

We make all content plans for the next month ready to be shared after they have been filtered and approved by you.

We create special content related to your institution and business on current issues that occur during the month (solar eclipse, an interesting event happening around the world, great national achievements, etc.). With these contents, which we call real-time, we care about your brand reaching a much wider audience and not being left out of the topics talked about on social media.

We create content that will ensure that your brand is frequently mentioned positively on social media through competitions and highly interactive posts.

Effective and Attractive Designs

We attach great importance to visual impact.

We prepare interesting designs that are compatible with your content, linked to your brand identity, and will enable you to convey your messages more effectively to your followers.

Considering that users on social media often interact based on visuals before shared content, we believe that successful and effective visuals are the biggest supporters of your brand.

Tracking and Management

Messages and comments on all social networks where your institution or business is located are answered in line with your brand’s language, ensuring fast communication with followers and ensuring follower loyalty.

We ensure reputation management and communication of your brand by tracking mentions of followers who are not your followers but talk about your institution or business on social media.

We help create brand awareness and brand loyalty by communicating with users who may be your potential customers.

By understanding crisis situations that may occur about your brand on social media in advance, we prepare the necessary crisis plans for possible situations.

Management Account Reports

We report your institution or business’s followers, interaction, content and reputation on all social networks on a monthly basis.

We share with you the effects of the competition on your brand with detailed reports after the competitions and campaigns.

Tallinn Estonia Social Media Specialist

Tallinn Estonia Social Media Expert; Identifying target audiences and choosing the most effective marketing methods for them is one of the most important jobs performed by a social media specialist.

Tallinn Estonia Social Media Marketing

Tallinn Estonia Social Media Marketing ; Social media marketing and account management is an incredible opportunity to provide value to existing and potential customers and highlight your brand, products and services. Social Media, when managed very well, can be a great accelerator and driving force to grow your brand. Growing If your brand wants to achieve more success with social media marketing, continue reading the content.

Tallinn Estonia Social Media Agency

Tallinn Estonia Social Media Agency; We set up your business’s social media accounts and manage your social media accounts. We create social media strategies that enable you to gain more interaction and followers.

Tallinn Estonia Social Media Management

Tallinn Estonia Social Media Management; Social Media management is a major part of Digital Marketing that increases brand value and ensures transformation in the medium and long term.

Tallinn Estonia Social Media Consultancy

Tallinn Estonia Social Media Consultancy; Achieve success with Social Media Consultancy! Increase your earnings and reputation with us with social media ads and professional social media management.

Tallinn Estonia Social Media Services

Tallinn Estonia Social Media Services; It is offered under 3 packages: Basic, Standard and Premium. The number of shares varies depending on factors such as advertising, use of hashtags suitable for sharing, creating and sharing slogans, page design, profile design, image post design and so on. We provide the best social media management service with our expert team in this field. Contact us to purchase services or get information.


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