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There are many services you can request from Tallinn Estonia Creative Design Agency. A new logo, packaging design for your new product, mobile application idea, social media strategy, digital advertisements… What do you need? Project-oriented one-time services or services that require continuity? Sometimes just stating your goal can help guide you. For example, “I want my brand image to be more natural.” can also guide you through the first step.

In this article, we will look for answers to some questions that have been asked to us many times before. Will digital advertising put an end to traditional advertising? Is traditional advertising a thing of the past? What are the advantages and disadvantages of traditional and digital advertising? Digital ads or traditional ads?

What is Traditional Advertising?

We can simply define traditional advertising as non-online advertising. Traditional advertising includes print, magazine, telephone or mail marketing, billboards, vehicle wraps, radio commercials, television commercials, etc. ads can be listed.

Although everyone has a digital presence, when we go out today, we do not return home without encountering traditional advertisements. Posters, billboards, billboards, dressed vehicles, flyers, announcements, showcases… This type of advertising has not ended yet and still continues to bring success.

What is Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising is online advertising. Emails, social media ads, google ads, viral movies, search engine marketing, website, etc. marketing methods can be listed as examples of online advertising. Since it is a relatively new field compared to traditional advertising, we can already say that there will be many different types.

Traditional Advertising VS Digital Advertising

Let’s talk about the differences between traditional advertising and digital advertising. What are the advantages and disadvantages of both? Let’s examine them and compare them together.


The biggest advantage of digital advertising over traditional methods is that it is measurable. In traditional marketing, measurements are based on estimated figures. For example, if you have a poster in the subway, you will be given approximate figures such as how many people use the subway on average during the day, but it is not currently possible to measure how many of these people saw or read your advertisement.


Another point that should be mentioned is that you can get closer to your target audience with digital marketing. Successful digital advertisements can be focused on the target and can more easily reach people who are truly interested in your products and have searched for similar products or services before. Of course, this does not apply to every digital ad, we need to add the requirement that the targeting be done correctly. This is one of the main features that ad providers highlight. Sometimes we visit a website even if we are not looking for a product or service. There is no guarantee that you will always reach those looking for a product or service, but this is not a problem. There are types of advertising where you pay per click or for the sale of products/services, and this area continues to evolve.


Many types of digital ads are interactive. Users can comment and express their opinions about your ads or the products or services you promote in your ads. Of course, you need to take into account that you may receive praise, as well as criticism, or even heavy criticism. However, digital ads are ideal for building a community and getting positive/negative opinions from the community about your products and services.

We cannot say that traditional advertising is completely closed to consumers. Let us point out that advertising ideas combining traditional with digital are attracting a lot of attention today and many of them have the potential to turn viral in a short time.

While engagement is a great experience for both brands and consumers, it also carries a risk that deserves mention. It is possible for you to become a clear target of malicious people, who can also be called trolls, in your online activities. Even if you do not want Users/Consumers to be dissatisfied and carry out a solution-oriented customer relations strategy accordingly, you may be exposed to unfounded or legally unfair complaints. So much so that even if you try to help, you may not get a response. Sometimes, when these complaints spread too quickly and reach too many people, they can pose a risk for your brand. We have seen examples of this reflected in law in Estonia. Even if you have no digital presence, it is unlikely that you can get rid of this risk. Although interaction has many advantages, we should not ignore the fact that it also carries such a risk. This should not hinder your entire digital life, harm your customer satisfaction-focused strategy, or demotivate you. Remember that there are people who love you and are happy with you. Tallinn Estonia Creative Design Agency We should also point out that, according to our observations, consumers are getting used to this process. We observe that they now understand which comments were made for what purpose more quickly than in previous years, and sometimes they even defend the brand against complaints they see as unfair.


If we ask whether online or offline ads are more practical, most of us will find online ads more practical. However, offline advertisements may seem more practical for someone who does not receive support from any professional and has limited connections with technology. Although the answers vary depending on usage habits and mastery, we must state that online advertising is more practical, considering that it can be prepared from where we sit, 24/7.


Since offline advertising has been around for a long time, consumers are more familiar with its dynamics, tone, and directions. For this reason, we can say that it is easier to understand than digital. Many people started their online lives in the last five years. This is not yet enough time to learn enough and get used to its dynamics. No matter how descriptive you think you are, people who see your online ads are likely to ask questions such as where to sign up, where to find out the price, where to apply, how to buy.

Too much activity and too much stimulation in the digital environment can prevent the advertisement from being understood, or from focusing on the main message of the advertisement. This is also due to the fact that we are not as familiar with online advertisements as we are with offline advertisements, and that they have very different design techniques and expression styles.


Maybe we can also talk about the difference in perception between the two. The perception of digital ads can vary depending on the frequency of exposure. Tallinn Estonia Creative Design Agency We can attribute this to the fact that every brand advertises digitally and a user is constantly exposed to advertising. Digital advertisements that sometimes interrupt the work we do; It can turn into an annoying window that users need to close immediately, scroll right away, and ignore. So much so that plug-ins that block ads in browsers are preferred by more and more users every day. Although this is of course not valid for all digital promotion activities, it is an issue that should be evaluated under this heading. If you make such a mistake, you may do more harm than good to your brand.

We can touch upon one more issue under the topic of perception. Some advertisers are biased against digital ads. In particular, the scandals experienced by social media platforms have damaged the perception of reliability of the platforms over time. For such reasons, many people have concerns that the figures presented in digital advertising reflect reality and that the competition in organic is fair, which may lead us to say that the perception of trust in digital advertising is controversial compared to traditional. Speaking of trust, we can talk about an intuitive understanding that the promises of brands that advertise on billboards or television are more permanent and their professionalism. For this reason, we should not ignore traditional methods, especially if we have big goals and long-term plans.


Online advertising is considered to be affordable compared to offline advertising. The truth is, even if we try to make this comparison, we think the result would not be fair. Even if we evaluate this comparison in terms of gaining a customer or being seen by a potential customer, it would not be right to give a definitive answer since different types of advertising will have different effects. However, we need to accept the economic practicality of digital advertisements, especially if we consider that businesses or individuals with very small-scale targets can achieve results with their existing budgets. Apart from this, it is possible to benefit from traditional advertising types without having high budgets. For example, for a company that actively uses motorcycles, dressing all of its motorcycles and turning them into advertising tools can yield much more effective results than digital advertisements prepared using the same budget.

Whether online or offline, a well-planned ad is one that meets its objectives.


One of the disadvantages of traditional marketing is that it cannot be regulated. When you make a number or spelling mistake in digital advertising, you have the opportunity to notice it and correct it in a short time, but correcting a mistake in the other method will cause you to lose time and money. Tallinn Estonia Creative Design Agency That’s why you need experienced professionals.

Digital marketing is not perfect in this regard either. Even if you correct your visual errors in a short time, your error will reach more users in a short time due to its speed of spread online. Site crashes or errors, device incompatibility, internet connection errors, low speed internet, etc. Factors may prevent you from getting the results you want from your ads.

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