HOM offers the Guest a contactless Mobile Application and manages the In-Hotel Operations.

Domestic and foreign guests staying in hotels, in-room telephone requests are forgotten, delayed, not understood by language differences, wrong requests, etc. such problems. Poor in-room information, lack of language-speaking staff, in-hotel routing problems and not being aware of events.

With the HOM PLATFORM, all requests of the guests are transmitted digitally to the relevant departments via mobile, web or tablet. The hotel’s campaigns and events will be sent as a notification during your stay and can work in all languages. There is a City Guide category in the application.

The market size of the global tourism sector grew by approximately 41 percent in 2022 compared to the previous year.
The market size of worldwide tourism has remained below pre-pandemic levels and totaled nearly two trillion US dollars in 2022.



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Mobile App Design & Development


With the Hom Platform, we minimize the connections between the guest and the hotel departments and enable them to benefit from all the facilities offered by your hotel without contact. Your guest can immediately start sending their requests by downloading the mobile application that we have created specifically for your hotel business on their smart phone.